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Access control systems keep your premises safe at all times, even when unoccupied. These systems are a way to better manage and control entrance permissions to your business premises, keeping your property, staff and valuables protected from unwanted intruders.

Access control solutions largely vary in type, operational functions and strategic placements. These can be determined in advance, through a thorough risk assessment carried out by an experienced surveyor. This will ensure a deeper understanding of all the different aspects of your business and what system would be the most effective in meeting your needs.

Essentially, access control systems prevent unwanted visitors from having unrestricted access to your premises. This can be done in a number of ways. Swipe card readers, intercom systems and biometric security systems, for example, are some of the different types of access control solutions you can use to better manage visitors’ entry to your establishment.

Particularly important due to health and safety requirements, access control systems are also exceptional protectors of those who work within your premises. In educational institutions, such as schools and colleges for example, protecting both teachers and pupils is absolutely crucial in meeting the highest safeguarding standards and guaranteeing a safe environment for all.

These systems are also crucial in ensuring that authorised personnel only have access to restricted areas within your premises. This may be the case with specific safety requirements in areas of the business that could impose potential danger to unskilled personnel, such as areas with high voltage, toxic gases, explosion hazard or chemicals.

Whatever your specific needs and requirements, restricting access to authorised personnel only and better controlling site visitors could be one of the crucial elements in maintaining your business safety and everything within it. Whether you’d like to cover a single door or your whole business perimeter, access control technologies can be used to secure your business to the highest degree possible.

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