Swipe Card Readers

Swipe Card Readers

Swipe card readers offer a low-cost flexible solution to controlling entry to premises or different areas of a building. They contain a magnetic strip which stores unique identification and entry access permissions.

They operate by swiping the card through a dedicated reader located outside each entry point. Utilising your register of card holders, you can allow restricted access of personnel to different locations within your site.

Swipe card readers allow your personnel to access certain areas of your building without the need for further intervention, such as requesting access through an audible intercom. This means that, by having unique permissions on their own individual cards, cards can be automatically programmed to refuse or allow access.

This could be particularly useful if you have a large site, with a great number of personnel throughout it. Programming their cards to allow access to certain areas only can prevent their unrestricted entry.

There are different types of readers that don’t rely on interventions, such as speaking to a receptionist or security guard. The swipe card is one of the most commonly used due to its flexibility and low cost. They can be placed at different entry points or on a singular door, depending on your requirements.

It is also possible to integrate your swipe card reader with CCTV systems and other intrusion detection systems to create a greater protection structure. The register of card holders can also be programmed to issue regular reports on card usage, such as time and location of entries and exits. This allows for a more controlled transit throughout your business site.

Many businesses will have certain areas of their building that will require the utmost attention to their security. A swipe card reader can provide the necessary level of protection by preventing access from potential intruders and protecting the business from any harm.

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