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Gates & Barriers

For homes, offices and more


Gates & Barriers

For homes, offices and more


Security Gates & Barriers

Gates and barriers can secure your site at your entry and exit points. They offer an extra layer of external protection to your business building by preventing unauthorised access and restricting the entry of pedestrians and vehicles.

Gated systems can vary according to your business size and your needs. They rely on the degree of restriction you may want to enforce, but the following are all gates and barriers you can install in your premises: Steel gates; Hardwood gates; Industrial gates; Bollards and blockers; Rising barriers.

If you are looking to prevent unrestricted access from both vehicles and pedestrians, your gated security system may massively vary. The restriction you are trying to enforce will play an important role in determining the right system for your business.

External gates and barriers can also be connected to other access control systems, such as intercoms that can be redirected to a receptionist or security guard, who can then grant entry. They can also be tailored to include security alarms that may be activated if unauthorised access occurs, allowing for a quick action.

Gated systems are suitable for any kind of business. Both small and large businesses can benefit from having gates and barriers in place to protect their entry and exit points and create a safer access system.

To ensure the most suitable gated system is installed on your site, a thorough assessment of your business layout and other requirements must take place before any design work is carried out. This allows a better understanding of your business needs and a more bespoke service.

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