Intercom Systems

Provididng security at different entry points

Business Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are a key security solution to prevent unwanted visitors from having access to your business premises. An intercom system allows you to thoroughly screen all visitors before they are granted access to your site or parts of it.

If intercom systems are installed, visitors must request access before they are allowed to enter. Through an audible intercom, visitors can then speak directly to either a receptionist or security guard, creating a better visitor management system.

Intercom systems can be installed in a variety of locations within your business site. They can be strategically placed at entry points, such as doors, gates and barriers. In addition, systems can also be integrated with other access control technologies, which may include swipe cards or key fobs. This ensures only staff and other authorised personnel can gain entry to different parts of your business.

Systems can be either wireless or hardwire. Although both perform the same functions, wireless intercom systems use radio technology to connect devices within their system whilst hardwired intercoms adopt wiring for connection. The best alternative is dependent on the size of your site, how many installations are necessary and what type of integration, if any, will be in place. 

With the highest level of technological development, access control through intercom systems can be varied and complex. A precise assessment is needed to identify best alternatives so an efficient system can be designed and later installed.

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