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Van Deadlocks

Our van deadlocks are mechanical and sturdy locks, separate from the manufacturer-installed locking system. These are similar to the hook locks we also install, but instead use a straight bolt into the opposite door or frame. This creates a tough additional layer of security to help protect the contents of the van.

The deadlocks are operated with an external high-security key that the driver or owner can carry. We can provide multiple keys for each lock if required and can install deadlocks from our workshop or on-site if needed.

van deadlocks

We needed new security measures in place for our fleet of Bedford vans and Tindall carried out a comprehensive survey of our requirements. It was decided that deadlocks were going to be the perfect solution for us, together with some other measures taking place..

Simon FMilton Keynes

Deadlock Features

Van deadlocks are designed to be compact yet strong, enabling them to be installed in many different locations on the van. The deadlocks we use are engineered so that up to 60% less metal is removed than competitor products. This attention to detail ensures excellent security without compromising the structure of the van.

The cylinders, housings and plugs all use highly durable materials, such as satin nickel. This means they will continue to protect your van for years to come. As standard all locks include nylon trims to make the lock look seamless and professional. However, we can also provide larger and angled black trims, along with nickel-plated trims if required.

For more information, or to arrange a fitting, please contact our friendly team.


Our Range of Van Locks

We will take the time to understand what you are hoping to achieve, then we will advise the best options for your make and model of vehicle. The links below will give you a bit more information on each of our most popular types of product.

Van Hook Locks

Hook locks are a type of mechanical deadlock, separate from the factory locking system installed by the manufacturer.

Van Deadlocks

Deadlocks provide a tough additional layer of security to help protect the contents of the van.

Van Slamlocks

Slamlocks are ideal for vans that are used for multiple drops and collections during a day.

Van Armour Locks

Armour locks protect vans against brute-force attacks and are strong visual deterrents.

Van Shielding

Shielding can help protect the more vulnerable parts of your van from puncture and spike attacks.

Van Anti-Peel Kits

Designed to protect your van from common "peel and steal" attacks.

Don't Delay

According to data from 21 police authorities reported by iCompario, Hertfordshire ranks second worst in the country for the number of van thefts and break-ins over the last 4 years, with a staggering average of 47 incidents every week across the county.

When you consider the potential cost of replacing stolen items and lost earnings, investing in additional van security could be the best decision you make this year.

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