Fire Safes

Fire Resistant Safes

Fire safes are an important piece of equipment you can have in your commercial premises to safeguard crucial valuables in the event of a fire emergency.Essential documents, cash and other assets can be kept safe at all times during a possible fire emergency.

Fire resistant safes are normally involved by at least two walls of metal to hold the fire resistant material. Safe doors are protected by a fire seal that expands to protect the valuables inside during a fire and from water when the fire is being tackled.

The material around the walls of metal work as a thermal insulator, usually made of calcium, sodium silicate, mineral wool, perlite and fire protected concrete. Depending on their make, each safe can vary on the materials used. Safes can generally resist from 30 up to 160 minutes under a fire.

The combination of fire insulation material in between the layers that compose the safe and a good quality seal on the door of the safe is what makes safes fire resistant. In fact, a good quality seal is one of the most important factors in a safe, as it expands when heat gradually increases and takes up space between the door and the walls of the safe, blocking hot air from entering.

If you have any important paperwork you’d like to preserve intact, cash, contracts and other valuables in your business building, a fire resistant safe may be one of the most cost effective ways of keeping it all safe.

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