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Business Fire Alarms Systems

Fire alarm systems are units composed of several devices that use both audio and visual warnings to alert people of a potential fire, smoke or carbon monoxide occurrence in the area they are covering. Smoke detectors usually are the first in detecting a problem, which then triggers a loud noise to warn all occupants.

Fire alarm systems are an essential part of any business security plan. It’s absolutely imperative to ensure that a system that protects your premises, your staff and your goods is in place in the event of a fire emergency.

A high quality fire alarm system can warn all within the site of a potential danger through its alert emission and offer your staff precious minutes to exit the premises safely. It is also a necessary requirement for health and safety and insurance purposes.

Fire alarms should be set up to cover as many different areas within your site as possible, from internal offices, to warehouses, hallways and other communal areas. All alarms by Tindall are monitored by the Southern Monitoring and the Northern Monitoring Services, the largest independent receiving centre in the UK. Both high security centres are NSI Gold accredited for Security, Fire and CCTV monitoring.

Different types of fire alarm systems are available to be installed throughout your business site, which meet different requirements. Some offer potential additional functions depending on needs, such as escape lights for a potential evacuation and strobe lights to notify those with hearing impairments.

Thorough risk assessments need to take place before a system can be designed. This means an experienced surveyor can determine, after visiting your premises, what areas of your site offer a higher risk and where devices should be strategically placed to protect your business and the workers within it.


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