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Audible Alarms For Businesses

The most entry level alarm system, audible only alarms alert staff of potential threats by triggering an external bell and internal sounder. This type of system relies on motion detectors to identify danger and doesn’t send any alert other than its sounder and/or flashlights at your specific business location.

Audible alarms require manual deactivation and depend on either you or passersby to alert the police and take action. Once the alarm is activated, the sound may then ward off intruders and is, therefore, an important deterrent to protect your business. This type of system could be an ideal option if your home is close to your business or your business is based on a busy location with regular footfall.

Both wireless and wired alarm systems are available for audible only alarms, as well as hybrid systems. Wireless alarms use radio frequency or wifi to connect the sensors wirelessly. This option offers more practicality and less disruption in terms of installation. Wired alarms, on the other hand, rely on cables to connect to a main unit.

Hybrid solutions are another alternative to your alarm security system. Adopting a hybrid system means you don’t have to choose a single option and can adapt your system to suit different needs you may have across your business. This way, you can install wired or wireless wherever suitable and possible and don’t have to worry about any disruptions.

Alarm systems are a crucial part of securing all parts of your business, whether that is wireless or wired. However, your requirements will naturally vary and can only be established after an assessment has taken place by one of our experienced surveyors.

NSI Gold
NCI Nacoss Gold Award
NSI NACOSS Gold is the highest accreditation currently achievable by a security company in the UK.
All our staff are police checked, so you know that whoever comes to your home has been security screened to British Standard.
Every installation by Tindall Security comes with an NSI Certificate of compliance which can be shown to all insurance companies as evidence that your chosen system has been installed to all the highest standards. You may also be entitled to a discount on your insurance if your alarm comes with this certification.
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