Fire Signage

Fire Safety Signage

For large and complex commercial buildings, fire signage fire signage is essential. They indicate the nearest evacuation exit in the event of a fire or another emergency and allow staff to quickly locate fire extinguishers and break glass.

Fire signage is also important in informing individuals of assembly points or giving them more specific information, such as how to use fire extinguishers and which is more suitable for different types of fire.

Safety signage must be used when there is a significant risk to health and safety and other methods simply cannot control the risks as efficiently. Signs must also conform to British Standard ISO 7010 in order to be as consistent as possible.

The Responsible Persons must determine the primary exit route, which is normally the shortest and quickest escape route from the building from any given location within it. There also needs to be a plan for a secondary route should the primary route be blocked or inaccessible.

It is important to place signage at every change of direction within that route, fire exit signs must be above every exit door in the building, signs must not send out conflicting information and they are placed in clearly visible locations.

Fire signage is varied and can be used for different purposes. Here are a few examples:

Fire door signage, which can either request for the barrier door to be shut, locked or inform the user to keep clear; Fire action notice, which informs staff and individuals of what actions to take in the event of a fire emergency. This signage may contain the phone number to the local fire brigade, assembly point information and how to exit the building safely; Fire safety equipment, which is used to inform users on the exact location of extinguishers throughout the building and how to use them. They are usually red with white font to be easily identified.

The location of fire signage can vary depending on the structure of the building and location of equipment. However, they are an imperative part of a fire security system and can be crucial in saving lives.

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