Proximity Readers

Proximity Readers

Similarly to swipe card security systems, proximity readers are a convenient way of granting access to individuals if they are in hold of their cards. Because of its contactless technology, proximity card readers use a fob or entry card to store access restrictions and individual identification.

These devices transmit a signal to a reader which allows access if the person is authorised. Once read, produces a sound to indicate the card has been read. They are also able to issue detailed reports with what areas of your business individuals have visited and at what time. This can reduce the chances of fraud and make it harder for intruders to gain access to restricted areas.

Like other access control systems, proximity readers are a means to secure parts of your business and allow access to authorised personnel only. They can be fully integrated with your security system to offer a wider protection structure. This could mean an integration with CCTV cameras and audible intercom systems.

Proximity readers are a variation of card readers and work similarly to swipe readers. The main difference between them is the way they function, with one where a card needs to be swiped through a long narrow slot open at each end and the other where a card needs to be presented inches away from the reader to be recognised.

These systems can be installed wherever needed. Much like other access control solutions, proximity readers can either be used for a single door or for a multitude of entry points. Installation is fully reliant on your individual requirements.

Proximity readers’ level of protection and convenience of use are some of their main benefits. Programming cards and fobs with access restrictions and personal identification is a considerable advantage of this type of access control system and widely used for commercial purposes.

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