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Burglar Alarms

Comprehensive services


At Tindall Security, we offer the highest levels of expertise across a full range of services. From the initial consultation, survey, and system design, through to the installation, commissioning, maintenance, monitoring, and support, our friendly team are always on hand to help.

Our maintenance package not only includes an annual visit to carry out planned maintenance, it also includes access to our 24-hour emergency helpline, emergency engineer call-outs, software upgrades, and telephone support.

What’s more, even if we didn’t install your existing burglar alarm system, we can still take over the monitoring and maintenance of it.

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Designed for your lifestyle

For homeowners, we can offer a wide range of solutions, each tailored to meet your specific needs.

An intruder alarm system for your home certainly needs to be reliable and effective, but it should also be designed in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with the way you move around your home.

For example, if you want to be able to keep burglar alarms on at night, but still be able to get a glass of water from the kitchen at 3 AM without setting the alarm off, our experienced team can design a system for you that makes this possible.

What’s more, even if we didn’t install your existing burglar alarm system, we can still take over the monitoring and maintenance of it.

When it comes to burglar alarms, Tindall Security have to be your go to alarm company. We have quite a complex home and Tindall carried out a full site survey and took so much time and care ensuring that we had the right solution. We are so happy with, not only the service provided, but also the state-of-the-art security products that have been installed.

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Three levels of protection

In broad terms, burglar alarms systems can be designed to offer one of three different levels of monitoring and intervention:

  • Wireless alarms or Bell only systems as the name suggests will ring an external bell and internal siren if the alarm is triggered. They rely on the noise to scare the intruders away.
  • App integrated systems still have the external bell and internal siren, but also send an alert to one or more mobile devices. If combined with CCTV, it is possible to check what’s happening at the property and then either call the police or remotely reset the alarm as appropriate.
  • Monitored systems will send a signal to a specialist Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) who monitor the system 24/7 and will immediately contact either a designated key holder or the police if the alarm is triggered.
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Integrated Security Solutions

Experts for an expert job

The design and installation of burglar alarms requires both experience and training to get it right. Our accredited surveyors are professional experts who can identify any security risks at your home and then design an alarm system to provide the necessary protection.

They will take into account the number and size of any pets you may have, and take the time to understand how you and your family want to use the system while you’re at home and away.

Needless to say, everything is treated with the utmost confidentiality and the security of our customers’ data is given the highest priority.

The most reliable products

If you’re investing in an alarm system for your home, you need to be confident that it will work reliably when called upon and will not annoy the neighbours with repeated false alarms.

Our experts have tested hundreds of different products over the years and they have selected only those that offer the best combination of high quality, reliability and functionality.

Whether you want a burglar alarm, a CCTV system, a fire alarm, or a system that integrates all of these services, you can rest assured that we only supply the best professional-grade equipment.

Home Security Products

We’ll take the time to understand what you are hoping to achieve, then we’ll advise the best options for your home security. The links below will give you a bit more information on each of our most popular types of security system for your property.

Alarm takeovers can take place when you decide to switch security providers at your home.
Alarm maintenance is crucial in making sure your system is reliable and functional all year round.
Monitored burglar alarm systems are an alternative to a stand alone audible only intruder alarm. These systems are actively monitored all year round.
‘Bells-only’ alarms also known as wireless alarms, wire free alarms or wireless alarm systems are the simplest of all the options
NSI Gold
NSI Nacoss Gold Award
NSI NACOSS Gold is the highest accreditation currently achievable by a security company in the UK.
All our staff are police checked, so you know that the person who comes to your home or premises has been security screened to British Standard.
Every installation by Tindall Security comes with an NSI Certificate of compliance which can be shown to all insurance companies as evidence that your chosen system has been installed to all the highest standards. You may also be entitled to a discount on your insurance if your alarm comes with this certification.
Tindall NSI
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