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High-quality security cameras integrate the latest video surveillance technology to ensure the highest levels of security to your business, whatever sector you may operate in. CCTV systems are an exceptional deterrent that can protect your business at any hour of the day and night.

Having these systems in place means you can protect your premises against potential threats, such as vandalism and break-ins. In addition to offering your staff and any lone workers the protection they need to work safely, CCTV systems also mean health and safety requirements can be met in case of on-site incidents.

CCTV systems are now more technological than ever, with a vast list of possible integrations and additions to your current network. There are a number of features that are available to be added to your system to enhance its functionality and improve your security levels. Examples of this include remote monitoring, number plate recognition and face recognition.

Types of CCTV systems and the way they perform their functions throughout the day can also differ. A few of these include:

Network/IP CCTV cameras, which broadcast images over the internet, regardless of whether they are wireless or hardwire. This type of CCTV doesn’t require cables to send images over a long distance and have footage stored on network video recorders (NVRs); Infrared/Night Vision CCTV cameras, which capture images even in pitch black lighting conditions through infrared LEDs. Infrared CCTV could be especially useful if cameras are installed in outdoor environments where lighting conditions are particularly poor; High-Definition CCTV cameras, which are a possible upgrade from a standard analogue CCTV. HD CCTV allows you to have a high resolution footage and, due to their high image clarity and zoom functions, could be better used in business where the risk of threats is particularly high, such as jewellery stores and banks.

All contracts for the installation of CCTV cameras are subject to a maintenance contract. Maintenance is an essential part of looking after your equipment and ensuring their working conditions are at excellent standards. This allows us to regularly maintain and assess all CCTV systems and ensure that your business is being protected at all times with the highest level of quality.


NSI Gold
NSI Nacoss Gold Award
NSI NACOSS Gold is the highest accreditation currently achievable by a security company in the UK.
All our staff are police checked, so you know that the person who comes to your home or premises has been security screened to British Standard.
Every installation by Tindall Security comes with an NSI Certificate of compliance which can be shown to all insurance companies as evidence that your chosen system has been installed to all the highest standards. You may also be entitled to a discount on your insurance if your alarm comes with this certification.
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