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IP Based Home CCTV

IP Cameras (Internet Protocol cameras), are commonly referred to as IPbased systems, digitally transmit and receive data over a network or internet connection. The main difference between digital IP cameras and standard analogue or wireless CCTV systems is that IP-based cameras don’t require a digital video recorder (DVR) to monitor and transmit audio and image nor does it transfer data via a radio transmitter. 

With IPbased cameras, all data is transmitted through a wired network connected via ethernet cable to a broadband modem or router or wirelessly via a WiFi router. These cameras also rely on their own IP address that doesn’t require any more than internet connection. 

Transmission to a smartphone, tablet or PC and the high-definition quality of videos are two of the greatest advantages of this particular system. Because they work similarly to webcams, IP cameras are a versatile security solution that doesn’t necessarily depend on cables or computer stations.

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