Video Entry Systems

Video entry access control systems for homes and businesses.

Video Entry Systems

A video security system is essentially an intercom system that also utilises video intercom. This means that not only is it possible to have a two-way speech through audible intercom with visitors but their image is also captured on CCTV.

By integrating intercom systems with a video system, occupants will necessarily have to request visual verification before they are granted any access to your site, allowing you to screen any callers ahead of their entry. There is also an opportunity to upgrade any existing video security systems to high-resolution colour images, which can provide an extra layer of protection to your business.

Similarly to intercom systems, video access control systems can be placed at any entry points and different locations within your business site. This includes doors, gates and barriers. Therefore, single and multi-door systems are available options for you to choose from.

All features added to your system are customisable and can be fully bespoke according to your needs. Images can be viewed on a single ‘home’ monitor or on a ‘multi-zone’ screen in your organisation security office.

Video intercom systems function as a good deterrent, as potential intruders will not want to be caught on camera. In addition, being able to not only speak to visitors but also screen them and keep their image safely stored away on CCTV means you are adding a level of protection to your business that comforts your staff and prevents uninvited entries.

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