Network Rail

2012 – Present

  • Master Key System
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Personal Alarms
  • Managed Security Service
  • Key Maintenance
  • Configured Intruder Alarm Systems

We provided various security systems

For this rail network of over 50 stations across North London and the East of England, protecting the station Ticket Offices and staff is a top priority.

With the need to cater for multiple staff requiring access to different groups of stations, a simple but controlled long term solution was called for.

In partnership with senior rail management, Tindall Security devised a standardised integrated security system to include a Registered Master Key System, Fob Operated Intruder Alarms and Personal Alarms.

The Intruder Alarms were configured for setting and unsetting in a way that minimised false alarms, which would have resulted in the loss of Police Response. To date, each of the Ticket Offices has retained its Police Response status.

As part of the overall solution, Tindall Security also provides an ongoing Managed Security Service to the Ticket Office network, delivering a system that meets exacting audit requirements. This service includes the maintenance of a register of each key and device allocated to individual members of staff, enabling fast and easy changes to cater for staff reallocation.