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Gates & Barriers

For homes, offices and more


Gates & Barriers

For homes, offices and more


Home Security Gates

Resistant home security gates allow you to restrict access to your property by both maintaining your home’s privacy and avoiding unwanted vehicles and visitors. Ranges of gates can vary and are individually tailored according to your home’s needs and your own.

From standard manual gates to more sophisticated automated options, there is a wide range of products that can be integrated into a highly developed gate security network. These include automated electric sliding gates, above ground automated gates, single arm automated gates and more.

In general, there are three different systems operated within gates, which are sliding, above ground or below ground. These also come with a choice of motors that vary in power. Power needed is dependent on the material of the gate. Heavier materials, such as wood, tend to require more strength and therefore rely on a more powerful motor.

It is important to consider your home layout, your entry point and your needs before we can advise on the best material and motor. This requires a surveyance to take place before any design work can be done so that the best possible result can be achieved.

We cover outdoor security in Hertfordshire but cover many areas in the South East including Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire, North London, Bedfordshire and Essex.

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